Cables: A Pet Peeve of Mine

It seems like every piece of electronics comes with a USB cable. They are something you NEED, but I want them out of sight!

For cables that I don't use very often, I keep them in ziplock baggies that are labeled and store them in a pencil box.

For the ones I use frequently (camera, ipod, Nook), I keep in this little Case Logic case I found at Walmart. I've had it for about 4 years. It works great for traveling. I just throw it in my backpack and I have every cable that I need!
This is a "newer" model:

Other ideas are:
toilet paper rolls
velcro wrap
twist ties

*Just make sure not to bend the cables too much or you can damage them.

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  1. Great idea Bridget. Never thought of finding my cables there own little travel/hiding case.