Purse and Handbag Organization

I love purses. Some weeks, I might switch purses two or three times. The issue is that I hate spending the time making sure I have everything when I'm changing them out.

Right now you can pick up pencil cases for about a dollar. I put all my make-up or first-aid type stuff in them. Changing purses is a breeze. I just grab my wallet, phone and pencil cases. I have everything I need and changing purses only takes about five seconds.

This pencil case has hand sanitizer, band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, and anti-itch cream.

Tuesday Tip...Back to School

We are headed back to school. Here are some tips I use to keep things going smoothly in the morning.

1. Prep as much as you can the night before. Homework is done and in the backpack.
2. Put all coats, shoes and backpacks by the door.
3. Pack lunches the night before.
4. Get clothes ready the night before.
*Sign any papers or put anything that is needed in the backpack the night before (book orders, library books, etc).

I also put a checklist on the laundry room door (this it the door leading to the garage). It makes things go so much smoother in the morning and helps my children remember to check and make sure they have everything! I also list which days are library and which days are PE so they make sure they have the right materials/shoes.

Pretty much in the morning my children have to get dressed, eat, comb their hair and brush their teeth. That's more than enough most days :)

For some reason time is warped in the morning at my house. Anytime I am in a rush everything takes twenty times longer! Rather than running around like a crazy lady, I do things the night before and have a pleasant morning!

Tuesday Tip...Dryer Sheets

I found this tip on a budget board from Melissa. If you get cooked food stuck on a pan, let it soak with a dryer sheet. Sure enough, shortly after I found out about this tip, I managed to get cooked rice stuck to a pot. I let a dryer sheet soak in the pan for about fifteen minutes, and it cleaned up so easily! I never would have guessed a dryer sheet could clean up a cooking mess!

I then googled to see what else you could do with a dryer sheet…

From keeping shoes from getting too smelly to removing static from a tv screen, dryer sheets are not just for the dryer. Dryer sheets also are a great way to pick up pet hair and keep thread from tangling while sewing. Packing a dryer sheet in your luggage will keep your traveling clothes smelling fresh.