Menu Planning & Grocery Shopping

I am REALLY trying to do a good job in 2011 with menu planning, grocery shopping, using coupons and remembering to bring my reusable bags at the grocery store.  My plan is that I will be more organized and save money.  Since it is just January 4th, I'm not sure if I can measure my success very accurately.  However, other than a trip to pick up medicine, I haven't made any extra trips to the grocery store!  

I made up this menu/grocery shopping planning page with the intent that I look at what I already have in my pantry/freezer/refrigerator when planning my menu.  Since I'm still trying to figure out how to get a PDF into my blog, the best I can do is give you a link:

Step 1- Fill out the yellow section with foods you already have.
Step 2- First, plan your daily meals trying to use up the food you already have. 
Step 3- Make a grocery list with everything you will need.

At my house, breakfast is usually the same, so I combined it with snacks.  If you are into elaborate breakfasts like omlets and need a special breakfast menu, I don't think my plan will work for you.  If a bowl of cereal or a frozen waffle is good enough, then I think my menu plan will work great! 

You can always Google "Menu Meal Planning Grocery Shopping" and there are lots of free planning tools on the Internet.

P.S. Maybe by 2012, I'll be able to have a PDF embedded into my blog

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