Scrapbooking...Step 1

My July goal is to get my scrapbooking caught up. But I also need to get my scrapbooking supplies organized.

Step 1: Go through my photos on my computer and make sure my photos are organized and backed up. I've now decided that once a month, I will mark my calendar, and back-up my photo folders to my external hard drive.

I usually go through and delete the bad ones when I download them to my computer. It is easier to do this right when they are downloaded.

When you name your folders that contain your photos, the best way I have found is to name them by date, but also add a description.
For example: 01-12-2010 Ski Trip

This makes it much easier to go back and find photos from specific events. Also, 1-12-2010 is not the same as 01-12-2010. If you don't put the "0" in front, they will not sort correctly. I've learned the hard way! Naming them this way also helps when backing up photos. It is easy to see what dates have already been backed up, then only the new photos need to get backed up.

A free photo organizational program that I love is Picasa.
It is a great way to order pictures, email pictures and to post to online photo albums. It is easy and free!


  1. I sooooo need to do this...can't wait to read what other tips you have :)

  2. I have never really organized my pictures since Bailey was born (OMG!!!) There are now thousands... I have no idea where to start... So glad to have this site to hopefully help me!

  3. I've been organizing my digital photos this way for awhile now and it makes it so much easier when you're trying to go back through to find a particular photo.

  4. That's a great idea to set a date each month to back up pictures. I'm totally stealing that idea. Good luck on the scrapbooking room. It's possible on a budget!