Let's Talk Kitchens..Another Fifteen Minute Project

I decided yesterday I would tackle the cabinet where I store all my spices. I’m not a big fan of cooking, so my cabinet that has my spices doesn’t get much attention. I probably haven’t attempted to organize this cabinet in years!

I took everything out. I had a few things (bread crumbs, fried onions that you put on green bean casserole, gluten free flour and baking powder) that were almost empty and expired. I had to throw those items away. I found some SpongeBob tattoos that didn’t belong in my spice cabinet, as well as a baggie of Chuckie Cheese tickets. Those items were moved.

Then I divided my spices into “sweet and salty”. The sweet baking supplies went on the right and the cooking seasonings went on the left. On the bottom shelf I use my three-step shelf system. It works great because you can see what you’ve got in a deep cabinet. It works best if the shortest items are in the front, tallest in the back. I purchased mine years ago at Walmart.

The second shelf has cooking oils, measuring cups and other tall spices.

My top shelf has candles and matches if the power goes out. It also has my meat tenderizer and a funnel. I suppose you never know when you need a funnel!

I used a small basket usually for pencils and pens and put all my packet seasonings in it. This is a great way to store these!


  1. Looks so tidy and easy to find! My husband made a spice racks that spans the ENTIRE back of a door... we have A LOT of spices. Now I'm inspired to go alphabetize them... something I've just been whining about hoping a fairy would do :)

  2. You do have quite a few spices!!! Have fun alphabetizing :)

  3. Bridget, I put all my packet seasonings in a loaf pan. They fit perfectly and serve a dual purpose. When I want to make meatloaf, I just take them out, wash and use it. This creates a smaller footprint in my house and I too love creative ideas for organizing. PS I dont know how to select a profile so I will try to send this directly to you.

  4. Love the ideas you have! I will be using the basket for the seasoning packets idea! My pantry is such a mess! I actually have a whole half a shelf where I toss those little gravy seasoning type packets!
    Found your blog on TopMommyBlog and love it!