Organizing Paper

I got this expandable 12x12 paper organizer about four years ago at Hobby Lobby. It was regularly $14.99, but I paid $7.49 because I used a coupon. I checked today, and they still carry them! Right now they are black and cream in a paisley print pattern.

I had my paper organized by color, but it wasn't in any order and I couldn't find anything without going through each folder.

My seven year old label-making helper, changed all that! Ann Claire made all the labels and put them in rainbow order. Then she put all the paper where it belonged. Thank you Ann Claire!

This system works great for me. I would love to have shelves that store my paper, however, at this point it is out of my budget. Plus I don’t have that much paper, and this expandable file works great.

I still have lots of work left to do when it comes to organizing: coming up next stickers and everything else!

I also need to find time to get my scrapbooking done!


  1. I have two files like that. One for the family and one for Lauren.

    I have every IEP/MFE every done, progress reports, IEP updates in there in date order seperated by school district.

    I'm not sure how the futur will play out for Lauren but I do know if she ever needs to file a Social Security on Bob's SSN, she will not be denied for insufficient evidence.

  2. I love that Ann Claire made the labels!!! It looks great and i may steal that idea!

  3. It is nice because these are 12X12!