Calendar Organizing

I cannot for the life of me rely on my blackberry to keep my calendar. I cannot go totally electronic with my calendar. I just can't! Call me old school, but I have a fun, family picture calendar that hangs on the fridge. I put EVERYTHING on it! I also keep a small purse size calendar that I always keep with me.

Family Calendar:
I put everything on this. As soon as my daughter brings home a note from school for an event, it goes on the calendar. I keep a special school binder in one of my kitchen drawers, and all the notes go in them. Once the event has passed, I pitch the note. This system has worked great for us. Usually I get the school calendar a month in advance. She has jeans day, friend of the day, Skating Parties, etc. I also put all the dance classes, recitals, doctor appoints, and special meetings on this calendar. Every night I check the calendar to make sure I'm ready for the next day.

My pocket Calendar:
I put all my work stuff in this calendar that doesn't need to go on the family calendar). I also put doctor appointments and meetings on this calendar.

Besides using the Blackberry for talking, I use it for contact info. I find that this comes in handy. It is the best address book in the world. I will also schedule reminders every once in a while, but my calendars really work for me! I'm not ready to go electronic with my calendar.

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  1. I keep one calendar at home and my iphone calendar up to date. That way if I need to make a follow up appointment I know if I am free.