Once it is organized, it is much easier to keep it that way!

Two weeks ago, I set out to clean my computer cabinet. I took EVERYTHING out and made a huge MESS. It took about 75 minutes to get everything "fixed" and back in place.

Then I sorted through the MESS! I found homes for everything I needed, and pitched the rest! I got rid of quite a bit. It is always kind of entertaining to see what we "thought" we needed.

One bonus was that I found almost $3.00 in change, which I gave to my daughter to put in her piggy bank!

I put all the pens/notepads in one place. I put the digital camera and ipod in a basket. I also put some drawer organizers in one of the drawers and was able to put all my USB cables/chargers in one basket. This is one of my favorite products to help organize cds/dvds.
I can have 1 binder with photos, another one with home movies and a third with software. These are well worth the money!

Two weeks later, it still looks PERFECT! Once I got rid of the clutter and found homes for everything, it made it so much easier to see what I had!

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