Step 1: Find a place for one thing!

This is step one. One of the worst things is when you spend 10 minutes (or 15 or 20 minutes) trying to find car keys, or a cell phone or a bill or that very important item you need RIGHT now!

Pick your one thing that you seem to always lose and don't really have the time to lose, and find a place for it.

I did this with my car keys. I hated leaving in the morning, and not remembering where I last put them. In the laundry room leading out to the garage, I hung a key hook up (actually my very handy husband hung it), and I make a conscious effort to hang my keys on them EVERY time I walk in the door.

Organizing is about baby steps. This is step one. Find a place for the one thing you can't afford to lose!
On Monday morning, see how great you'll feel when you go to grab your keys (or phone or special thing you can't lose) and it is right where you put it! Just that one little step is going to convince you that you can be organized!
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  1. I shall become your biggest fan!!!! :)

  2. ooh fun! I can't wait to 'hear' more!

  3. Oooooh I am so looking forward to this - I have stacks of mail, small spaces and well this is going to be fun to follow! :)

  4. ooh I need help with my mail big time...and toy organization if you are taking requests ;)

    Lisa A.