Tuesday Tip...Dryer Sheets

I found this tip on a budget board from Melissa. If you get cooked food stuck on a pan, let it soak with a dryer sheet. Sure enough, shortly after I found out about this tip, I managed to get cooked rice stuck to a pot. I let a dryer sheet soak in the pan for about fifteen minutes, and it cleaned up so easily! I never would have guessed a dryer sheet could clean up a cooking mess!

I then googled to see what else you could do with a dryer sheet…

From keeping shoes from getting too smelly to removing static from a tv screen, dryer sheets are not just for the dryer. Dryer sheets also are a great way to pick up pet hair and keep thread from tangling while sewing. Packing a dryer sheet in your luggage will keep your traveling clothes smelling fresh.


  1. Love these tips. I will definitely be using them.

  2. Any tips that can help me keep my house organized with 3 kids is great! I will be visiting often :)

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  3. Oh how cool! I never knew that, thanks for sharing :)
    Hey thanks for visiting my blog, it's great to meet you. Love your blog, now a new follower!

  4. I also had read about using a dryer sheet to help wash the car and get bugs off. Sure enough it worked!